Amber Renèe (amberrenee) wrote in th_org,
Amber Renèe

DYINGTOBEALIVE EXCLUSIVE GALLERY OPEN! Exclusives is unlike any Hanson gallery you've ever visited before. Photographs you've never seen and ones that you have only envisioned in high quality will be at your fingertips in one simple and free step. Exclusives Guidelines and Instructions: You MUST register a user name on Exclusives to view the large high quality photographs that are provided. Registration grants instant and full access to hundreds of never before seen photos from various Hanson events taking place over the last seven years. The gallery is fully interactive so feel free to leave comments on any photos you wish. You may also give photos a rating from (worst) 1 through 5. (best)

When registering you agree not to extract and distribute photographs (on websites, message boards, etc.) without crediting You also agree not to remove tags from any of the photos. If you wish to share the photographs that you find on then encourage your friends to sign up and browse.

Please remember that your user name on the Forums can not be used on Exclusives. You can register the same user name but these are two different databases so you must be signed up for both individually. Thank you and enjoy!
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